Special Needs Kitchens

At Parle Furniture we don’t think you should have to compromise on the look of your kitchen to create a wheelchair accessible home. We will combine all your practical requirements with a beautiful look.
We recognise the different requirements of people with particular needs. Accessing parts of a kitchen if you are a wheelchair user is not practical with conventional kitchen layouts. Similarly, someone older or who has a mild mobility issue may need something different too. Parle Furniture will provide thoughtful design and features tailored to help.
Our showroom features height adjustable worktops and wall units for you to experience.

The heart of the home is in the Kitchen. It’s the focal point of the house. It’s where we cook, eat, talk, entertain and share with others. But for many, it’s a socially excluding environment, a place full of obstacles, hazards and unreachable items. At Parle Furniture we provide design solutions for individua...
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Under Stairs Storage

Posted 14 December, 2012

Maximise organise your storage with easy access to under stairs space. Soft close, handleless pus...

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This kitchen has been designed for a wheelchair user. Comfortable access to the sink and hob are essential with worktop space to the left and right of both. Deep drawers as opposed to cupboards are preferred. The appliances need to be at a lower level for safe and comfortable access. The oven, microwave, fridge and fre...